So, here’s My Story

Back in the days, I loved hard, I did some foolish & dangerous things, lowered my standards, muted my voice and didn't express my needs, I naively went with the flow and lost myself in his world; all in the name of being 1000% committed to my man. In the end it didn’t serve me in the way I hoped it would. Thankfully I was blessed with a son and there were valuable lessons to be learned but they all came after the pain and I'm an open book about them all.

One of the most important lessons were...

the more you know, love & accept about yourself, the better prepared you will be to get involve in a healthy relationship, you’ll be less likely to get lost and tolerate what you don’t deserve
— -Monique Allison

Before I understood this, I got lost in a 7yr relationship. When I decided to release my marriage, I was an emotional wreck, embarrassed at how things ended, I felt guilty for separating my family and I didn’t know how I was going to move on. Instinctively I knew it was for the best I just didn’t know how I was going to get through it all. What I did discovered was on the other side of my pain, disappointment and uncertainty was an opportunity for me to...

have a fresh start, develop a deeper sense of self and attract a happy and authentic relationship; which I eventually did.

It wasn’t an easy process to move on, I had to practice a lot of inner-course (a conscious look within... an inward journey toward self-awareness and growth) that involved..

  • practicing self-acceptance with flaws and all
  • taking a good, hard and honest look at my negative behavior patterns
  • taking personal responsibility for my contribution to our unsuccessful relationship
  • Getting crystal clear about what I truly wanted to experience in my next relationship

I know there are other women going through the same experiences I’ve had and they don’t know how to find themselves in the midst of trying to figure out how to:

  • release an unhealthy relationship
  • heal from a broken one OR
  • learn to love again
  • Not lose themselves in their relationship
No women who chooses to be self-loving ever regrets her choice. Self-love brings her greater power & freedom. It improves her relationships with everyone
— -bell hooks

Because of that realization, my story and experiences led to my work, coaching women in relationship clarity. Click here to learn more about my clarity sessions.


what is Relationship Clarity?

It's getting clear about what you want and need in a relationship, then making choices to support what you desire.


I achieved a B.A. in Psychology from Clark Atlanta University, I have a solid background and experience in the non-profit sector working for United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta(UWMA) for 13 years. While at UWMA I supervised and trained over 50 staff members as a Quality Assurance Manager. I’m AIRS Certified, as an Information & Referral Specialist, meaning I'm very knowledgeable on community resources. I taught life skills to over 25 young adults for 2 years as a Behavioral Paraprofessional. I also completed continued education courses and achieved a Creative Writer Certificate from Kennesaw State University.


Monique is an International Speaker & Relationship Clarity Expert. She is the Founder of Simply Bliss, a personal development company for women, with a focus on relationship clarity. Her personal experience has led her to empower women to reclaim their individuality and stay connected to their true selves in relationships. Through her coaching program, she guides women through self-exploration processes. Monique believes in order for women to dramatically transform their negative relationship patterns, they must be willing to see clearly how they have co-created the old ones, as well as take responsibility to begin showing up in completely new ways. They can then create authentic, happy & healthy relationship experiences. Monique is also a contributing writer on relationship topics for Phoenix Shine, The Phoenix Rising Collective's spirit affirming blog.

On a personal Note...

I’m very easy to get along with. I'm the kind of girl that likes to sit, chat & laugh while drinking a latte or tea. I'm curious, so I ask questions about life, love and being happy.  I'm into rom-coms, (some of my favs are...Love Jones, Mahogany, Sex & the city), Documentaries, & Independent films. I'm Caribbean, so dancing is in my blood. I can tell you about the latest personal development books and have a deep conversation around spirituality. I’m a kid at heart, especially when I’m playing around with my son. I totally believe in practicing conscious parenting as often as possible. If you put me on an island by myself, I can survive as long as I have my journal, music, an ipad to watch Super Soul Sunday and a book to read. 

In My clients own words...

“After 17 years of a confusing relationship, I was finally able to get clear on my wants and needs and not only get clear but get focused. Your action steps created a path to an effective way to cleanse myself of my past relationships and look forward to new ones. This has been an enlightening journey and I look forward to working with you more in the near future.

Thank you again, Monique, you are the best! |
— Oona D”

With Love & Gratitude,