How To Start Loving Again

I knew that I was ready and open to the idea of being in a relationship again when I wasn’t consumed with being in a relationship, I didn’t need it to be happy. I was content with where I was in life and anything extra was a bonus. I had examined as much as possible how I wanted love to be the next time around and I was excited about the possibilities. 

I would usually give the men in my life so much control over how things went, even though I wasn’t always happy with their idea of how the relationship should function. I had this one experience where I was unmuted, I spoke up about what I wanted because I knew I deserved and needed more than what I was getting. When he didn’t want what I wanted and couldn’t give me what I needed, I happily moved on; without the fear of being alone. It wasn’t about the guy anymore, it was all about me having a stronger sense of self; being at peace and not fighting to convince someone to want what I want. 

I share a creative exercise that will shift your vibration and open up space to attract the love you're ready to receive.

Use this link to see the video and access the exercise:

Other signs that you are ready to love again can show up like this:

  • You truly love yourself.
  • You’ve healed from the hurt of your past relationship.
  • You have a clear sense of why you want to be in a relationship.
  • The thought of your ex-with another woman doesn't bother you anymore


With Love & Light,