I’m Monique Allison a relationship clarity coach for women. I teach self-exploration strategies to help women remove the emotional and mental barriers that keep them stuck in unhealthy relationships. We focus on creating a better relationship with themselves first and as a result, they learn how to choose experiences and people that reflect the healthy relationship they have with themselves.

MY WORK ALLOWS ME TO BE THAT sounding board WHEN YOU ARE NOT IN A SPACE of uncertainty. The work we do together will help you GAIN CLARITY, A NEW PERSPECTIVE AND FIGURE OUT YOUR NEXT BEST STEP when you are in an unhealthy relationship


specifically when...

  • You’re investing too much of your time and energy into an unfulfilling relationship, and it’s making it even harder to just walk away even though you know you deserve better
  • Your relationship ended; now you’re carrying around emotional baggage of insecurities, anger, resentment, and worthlessness, which makes it difficult for you to heal.
  • You’re scared to open up yourself to a new relationship, because you don’t trust that you can achieve some sort of balance between loving yourself and your man, without getting lost again


It’s real easy to lose that connection to who you are in either scenario. It’s also possible to develop self love and an even stronger sense of self in a new relationship; a relationship where you can be true to yourself, feel fulfilled and be happy.

I felt powerful. I felt in charge. I felt like I REALLY DO have the ability to self-govern and in that governance, silently and lovingly communicate my expectations and how I am to be treated.
— Shelley

In 2009 after going through my personal experience of releasing an unhealthy marriage, healing from the emotional pain and trusting myself to love again; I found myself on the other side whole and being in a better feeling relationship.  

I want to guide you in creating better relationship experiences for yourself. so I created clarity coaching sessions to empower you with tools and customized strategies to begin the process.


Our sessions together will help you…

  • Reclaim the most important parts of you that were lost; the parts of you that are needed to be whole & well; emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.
  • Then gain clarity in regards to your relationship needs.
  • Next, make choices to support your desires, so that you can attract a partner who values you.

I want to work with you if you are willing to commit to finding a level of love for yourself that allows you to understand; what it is you need & want. Starting with working on YOU  from the inside out.

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