My intention is to share the truth of my experience in relationships. How I examined what wasn’t working and what I did to create a better experience. Then get you engaged in a conversation with me about how you can do the same thing in a way that will work for you by applying practical steps you can start taking right now.

I want you to imagine coming out of your relationship setbacks being whole, feeling happy again and being in a satisfying relationship. How would that make you feel?

The next step is to gain clarity on what that looks like for you.

Getting clear on What internal barriers are preventing you from having that loving partnership?

Then reclaiming the parts of you that were lost along your relationship journey; in order to be as close to whole as possible.


It all comes down to really doing the inner-work to transform yourself from the inside out, recreate the best version of you and the best potential partner you have the capacity to be. 



This is where I show up to support you, through my coaching services. We will work on:

  • Self-examination strategies
  • Steps to practicing self-compassion
  • Transforming your relationship habits
  • Being honest with yourself
  • Exercising your power of choice
  • Emotional wellness management
  • Getting clear about what “self-love” really means
  • Tools to turn “love lost” into “lessons gain”
  • And much more

Working with me will result in having a greater wisdom about what it takes to be in a relationship and a more refined idea of what you want in a partner. In all to create better experiences in your relationships.

It is so refreshing to converse with you, because you really take the time to listen and understand. I truly appreciate the way you ask probing questions to help me get to the root of what I am feeling or being challenged by. That is truly a unique trait and I appreciate you immensely!

The Body Relationship Coach™ |
— IvyLaArtista

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I achieved a B.A. in Psychology from Clark Atlanta University, I have a solid background and experience in the non-profit sector working for United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta(UWMA) for 13 years. While at UWMA I supervised and trained over 50 staff members as a Quality Assurance Manager. I’m AIRS Certified, as an Information & Referral Specialist, meaning I'm very knowledgeable on community resources. I taught life skills to over 25 young adults for 2 years as a Behavioral Paraprofessional. I also completed continued education courses and achieved a Creative Writer Certificate from Kennesaw State University.

Short BIO:

Monique is an International Speaker & Relationship Clarity Expert. She is the Founder of Simply Bliss, a personal development company for women, with a focus on relationship clarity. Her personal experience has led her to empower women to reclaim their Individuality in relationships. Through "Reclaim" a relationship coaching program, she guides women through self-exploration processes. Monique believes in order for women to dramatically transform their negative relationship patterns, they must be willing to see clearly how they have co-created the old ones, as well as take responsibility to begin showing up in completely new ways. They can then create authentic, happy & healthy relationship experiences. Monique is also the Co-Founder of Upgrade Women's Leadership Academy. Currently she is a guest writer for FrugalFeminista penning on relationships topics.