• state of being deeply engaged or involved
  • deep mental involvement.
  • instruction based on extensive exposure
  • intensive
You can’t grow without discomfort because all growth requires change. Change means things will be different —and when things are different we need to adapt and learn. So, when you feel uncomfortable it simply means you are growing. Celebrate!
— Emma Lewis Elsey

As a relationship coach, I encourage you to take the next steps to create change for the better because that's where the transformation happens.

It's time to invest in yourself and your relationship if:

  • You are having trouble following through on your relationship intentions.
  • You have limiting beliefs about relationships that are holding you back.
  • You are unclear where, to begin with creating a better feeling relationship.
  • You are consumed with life being stressful to work on your relationship.
  • You are unable to define a clear vision for your relationship.

As we work together, I will help you:

  • Define your goals and powerful reason to why you must achieve them.
  • Identify your limited beliefs, so you can push forward rather than stay stuck/unhappy.
  • Assess your situation and help you take action towards your goal.
  • Gain a new perspective in order to move past stressful situations that keeps your focus away from doing the inner work.
  • Cut through the noise and get clear on what you ultimately want.

It's time to work with a relationship coach to help you discover what you can do differently to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be & support you through the process.

What I know for sure is this:

The most important relationship is the relationship you have with yourself. Therefore the work starts with you.


Doing the work is "easier said than done". However, the most important work is the work you do when your not triggered emotionally or in conflict or dealing with any challenges. It's the "in-between moments."

The goal is to do the work regularly "in-between" challenges. So when you are triggered you will have the practice and the tools needed to deal with things with a greater sense of clarity because you’ll have access to more personal development tools to work with.

Here's how we will work together:

My work is tailored to each individual woman. I will help you chart a course for change by developing a personal action plan to support you in reaching your relationship goal(s).

Our work entails:

  • 3-Month minimum commitment OR 1-Month commitment for the Beta version.
  •  1:1 weekly private sessions [scheduled via phone, video chat or in person]
  •  2-3 set goals to work towards with a personalized action plan to achieve those goals and 1-goal for the Beta version.
  • (Introspection) We examine your story, belief system, behavior pattern in great detail in order to determine internal barriers
  • (Exploratory) We explore your emotional and mental processes to master your internal guidance system and shift unhelpful thoughts.
  • (Evolutionary) You receive guided support to make sure that you take action that fits well with your values, beliefs and whole life; so you can show up authentically moving forward.
  • Written and non-written assignments
  • Assigned creative exercises
  • Post-session write-ups
  • Email access for asking questions in between sessions.
  • Customized resources and inspirational materials in all forms. {If desired}
  • And...we will celebrate your success for each goal, then works towards achieving the next one.

These are my areas of expertise: Get details on each phase

  • Releasing Phase: Ready to leave an unhappy or toxic relationship
  • Healing Phase: Recovering from a broken relationship
  • Love Again Phase: preparing to engage in a relationship from a space of self-love.
  • A program for women who tend to lose their sense of self in their relationships. More details here.
  • Also for women who are in relationships, that's causing emotional distress and needs emotional support in finding resolve. More detail here.

My goal is to keep you centered no matter the path your relationship takes you on. I want you to come out on the other side whole and stronger.


“After 17 years of a confusing relationship, I was finally able to get clear on my wants and needs and not only get clear but get focused. Your action steps created a path to an effective way to cleanse myself of my past relationships and look forward to new ones. This has been an enlightening journey and I look forward to working with you more in the near future.

Thank you again, Monique, you are the best!
— Oona
I just had to send you a “Thank You” for our conversation on Wednesday. It is so refreshing to converse with you, because you really take the time to listen and understand. I truly appreciate the way you ask probing questions to help me get to the root of what I am feeling or being challenged by. That is truly a unique trait and I appreciate you immensely!
— Ivy
Monique thank you so much for being there through this process. More than u know I need this and you have been so wonderful. I know it will take some time for me to get there but I pray I will and with your support it means alot. I have never had someone from across the world I have never met care that much to help me. It means a lot
— Casandra
Monique was extremely helpful in our session. She listens carefully, and had a laundry list of tips and tricks for the issue I was trying to work through. I’d highly recommend her as a sounding board or coach.
— Peter
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Don't let finances be a barrier to creating a better relationship. You can make a partial payment to secure your spot.


With Love & Gratitude,